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I have never been ashamed to be a woman.  I have never assumed that being a woman was a disadvantage.  I don’t recall ever wanting to be a male.  Nor do I recall wondering what a day in the life of a male would be.  I think being a woman is beautiful.  However, through research and assigned readings it is becoming more apparent that once upon a time, I probably would have been depressed as a woman.  I’m talking mad at the world depressed!  I cannot imagine not having the same rights as a male or being considered inferior to a man.

I was disgusted watching Iron Jawed Angels for the first time.  It was heart wrenching to view the oppression women faced such as being imprisoned for silent protest, or spat on while sharing the desire to be heard.  Overall, the movie was great, and the cast did an excellent job at dramatically drawing the audience into the day in the life of a woman before we were given the right to vote.   I never thought about how far we have come in society.  Being an African American I am aware of the hardships that our culture faced before the Civil Rights Movements.  However, being a black woman must have been even worst.  Authors Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English inform their readers that “women were seen as dangerous and polluting (Ehrenreich, English 14).”

Why polluting? Because we brought men into the world?  I’m not turning into a man hater, just expressing myself cynically.  (I love men way too much for that).  But I must state, it is important to know and become aware of your past.  Learning about the oppression that women faced, has motivated me to work even harder.   I have always claimed success as a woman.  The days of male only CEO positions are so yesterday…Time to take over in whatever positive way I possibly can.

From one woman to another, I challenge you to start claiming your destiny.  Create a realistic list of goals.  Call it your “Girl, I got this” list.  On this list place things you want to complete before 2011 is complete.  Check them off as you go.   The feeling is so empowering.

This is my list I started it back in January.  I placed in in 3 categories


  • Intern   I have a great internship
  • Get at least 2/4 A’s  I got straight A’s on the Deans list 
  • Become involved in campus life   I am a pending member of the National Society of Leadership and Success on campus
  • study abroad


  • Pray more
  • Read bible  (Trying to do this daily)
  • Join a church
  • Become involved with young adult ministry


  • Learn to Budget
  • Take Care of my skin
  • Become more assertive
  • Work out (started but need a routine plan)
  • Blog again
  • LOVE ME 100% (I’m there 90% lol)

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