I feel like I have been reunited with a long lost biblical based book.  This past Monday I was roaming around my campus bookstore when I came accross Z!nk Magazine.  First off, I was drawn into the cover with fine behind Kid Cudi.  The May issue is amazing.  Kid Cudi gets real, the fashion spreads … Continue reading Z!NK


Cash or Check

I myself have made guilt purchases and was persuaded by marketers.  The 11 year old selling Girl Scout cookies has “looked me in the eye and made me feel guilty” about the benefits of purchasing not one, but three packs of Thin Mints at a time; even though I may be leaving Publix with a … Continue reading Cash or Check

Look the Part

For some people it comes naturally.  For others, they may just never get it.  I’m here to give advice. Tuesday's Topic Number One: STYLE I have always been a fashion lover.  My style has evolved  uniquely over the years.  My style has its own personality; giving me my identity.  Most people call it “swag.”  I … Continue reading Look the Part