Defeating Resistance

I'm an 80's baby. I miss the old school cartoons.  Scooby-doo was one of my favorites.  But I always wondered why he was always so afraid of everything.  Like dude, you're a dog; a big dog at that.  I'm sure if you bark the monsters would have instantly run away.  I used to get so … Continue reading Defeating Resistance


Her “Story” Feature: Yisel Tejeda

Little introduction.  I met Yisel while attending my junior college in Orlando.  She was always so friendly and willing to help other students while working in the computer lab.  I always knew that she was destined for greatness simply from her demeanor.  Yisel was always smiling and always studying! Yisel might not remember this but … Continue reading Her “Story” Feature: Yisel Tejeda