Defeating Resistance

I'm an 80's baby. I miss the old school cartoons.  Scooby-doo was one of my favorites.  But I always wondered why he was always so afraid of everything.  Like dude, you're a dog; a big dog at that.  I'm sure if you bark the monsters would have instantly run away.  I used to get so … Continue reading Defeating Resistance

Simple thoughts

With Father’s day coming up I just want to say thanks to my father for raising his daughters to be the strong young women we have all grown up to be.  I’m last in line and working towards my goals.  My father always said that he wants us to be independent women; get our degrees … Continue reading Simple thoughts

Her “Story” Feature: Yisel Tejeda

Little introduction.  I met Yisel while attending my junior college in Orlando.  She was always so friendly and willing to help other students while working in the computer lab.  I always knew that she was destined for greatness simply from her demeanor.  Yisel was always smiling and always studying! Yisel might not remember this but … Continue reading Her “Story” Feature: Yisel Tejeda