My version of Fried green Plátanos con beef (hot dogs chopped up and stewed)

You’d think I was Dominican for the past week.  Plátanos con pollo (plantains with chicken), plátanos con pavo (plantains with turkey), and plátanos con carne (plantains with beef).   I ate green fried plantains all week with most of my meals.  I try to fill my summer months with easy to make meals.  I fell in love with green fried plantains in the Bronx.  My mom would whip them up and sprinkle it with garlic as a snack.  If your Dominican or Caribbean “yo tu sabes!”

My friends and I would meet up at La Caridad; a Latin/Caribbean restaurant in Bronx, New York.  We all loved Latin and Caribbean foods.  Memories of the laughter we shared in La Caridad bring me at ease when I begin to think about my pastimes with friends in the Bronx during lunch or after school.  It is no surprise when I call a friend in New York and tell them that I’m home whipping up a fresh batch of green fried plátanos.

I ventured to the local farmers market.  I picked up fresh herbs, spices, tomatoes, potatoes, and a variety of fruits.  Although I am not of Latin decent I enjoy Spanish foods therefore, I planned my meals for the week with a Spanish twist.   The scents of popular Latin herbs such as cumin and cilantro bring me back to the scents of La Caridad in the Bronx.  I remember the aromas of tropical spices greeting me as soon as I would enter the restaurant.  It’s as if they use cilantro as an air freshener.  The fresh scents of herbs perfume the entrance.

For breakfast on Monday I made plantains with stewed beef.  My mother used to make this meal every Saturday after hitting the Spanish market for their fresh produce sales.  I used fresh vegetables in the sautéing process of this meal.  The turnout was great and I made enough to enjoy this meal twice during the week.  Within a five day span I made a fresh batch of plantains three mornings.

P.S.  I am not of Hispanic decent.  I proudly embrace my Jamaican heritage.  This piece was created for creative writing purposes.  I attended high school in a highly populated Latin community and met some great friends.  This passage is non-fiction…To read the original piece in it’s entirety email me at


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