With Father’s day coming up I just want to say thanks to my father for raising his daughters to be the strong young women we have all grown up to be.  I’m last in line and working towards my goals.  My father always said that he wants us to be independent women; get our degrees so that we don’t have to settle for less than what we are worth.  I think I’m doing well.  I think I got it down pack on knowing my worth too.  I’m not all there with the relationship factor, but I do know my worth.

Thanks Dad!

Unsent to him (an ex, someone your dating, the “playa” etc…you get the point)

I am not a f**king side piece

I am an entrée

If you can’t afford it

Raise up out the kitchen

This meal is not found on the dollar menus

She is engraved in gold

Like a diamond found in the Nile


So don’t think for a second

that your Shakespearean “how art thou’s”

and your f**king Romeo attempts phase me.

This girl is worth more than Olympic metals fought for from Pharaoh

Worth more than the money you gave your girl for that F**king lop sided lace front…

I don’t need your

antics or smitten antidotes

your boxed puff pastries

VIP in the club

Or your ganja smokes

I don’t NEED you

Never did,

And NEVER will…


you CAN NOT afford me.

-A “Krissyj” Original


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