Today I watched The View.  Barbara Walters looked so cute today.  I love her!   I liked the color blocking outfit she had on.  You go girl!

Everyone that knows me well knows The View is MY SHOW!  Five women from all walks of life sit at a coffee table for an hour to discuss several different controversial issues presented in media, news and entertainment.  The agenda of The View is set on thinking about several worldly issues and showcases how women think about the issue.  The View primes their audience through a short interlude that showcases what or who will be on the show.  In the beginning of the week they often tell the listing of guest/ hot topics to come through out the week which is also a priming skill.  For example, when a movie is being released The View primes the audience by informing viewers that a celebrity will be on the show later in the week.  Then they prime the audience to watch the movie by bringing the actors/actresses to the show and showing sneak previews of the film.  I also love The View because their discussions are never one-sided and each woman always sticks to their ideal about a topic.

Today Chaka Khan was on.  She looked great and rocked the mic.  To top the show off she sang my song “I’m Every Woman.”  I sung it with her like I was at a concert.  (Sorry to my roommates)  That song just gets me so pumped up!  Makes me so damn PROUD to be a woman…and not just a woman…every woman!

I represent:

(In no specific order)
  • The Jamaican Woman
  • The American Woman
  • The Black Woman
  • The Strong Woman
  • The Determined Woman
  • The Intelligent Woman
  • The Assertive Woman
  • The Passionate Woman
  • The Christian Woman
  • The Praying Woman
  • The Persistent Woman
  • The Respectful Woman
  • The Stylish Woman
  • The Caring Woman
  • The “Tell it like it is” Honest Woman
  • The Funny Woman

Need I go on…!

As a woman we represent so many things!  We take on so many hats as women…I really do love being a woman and wouldn’t want it any other way.

What woman do yo represent.  Share your thoughts in a comment below?


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