Mikyle Crockett Current Miss Teen Florida USA

Yesterday I tuned into the Ms. Florida USA pageant.  It was the first time watching the pageant even though I have been living in the state for about 5 years.  I guess I was really bored.

So anywho to make a long story short I stopped watching the show about twenty minutes in.  I was disgusted.  The girls were gorgeous and before the semi-final sixteen females were selected I was excited to see the show.  There was a ton of diversity representing different parts of Florida.

I know I’m not the only black person (or whatever ethnic group you happen to be apart of) that does this but I counted and there were quite a few black young women in the contest.  They all looked great.


I changed the channel.  Why were none of the females selected for the final sixteen black?  I’m unsure of the process used to choose the final sixteen young women but, I feel as though at least one sista could have been selected to represent black women in the state of Florida.  After doing some research I found out that the current Miss Teen Florida USA happens to be a gorgeous black woman named Mikyle Crockett.  I was happy to see that but, I still wonder why no black women were selected for this pageant.   I’m not going to bracket the selection process into a  “racist” category however; I was unpleased with the lack of diversity represented by the semi-final sixteen competing.………

Maybe I was the only one that noticed   -__-  <—– major sarcasm intended #imjustsaying

My friend and I were discussing the lack of minority women seen in high fashion editorials earlier in the day so I’m assuming this is the reason why I felt the need to chant and rant about this.  Something has gotta give…

Shout out to Lissette Garcia, a Cuban native from Miami that won for 2011 though!! Yay, for diversity!

This link shows the 50+ women competing for the 2012 crown. CLICK HERE  I’m unsure of the current winner.


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