What to expect in September!

I'm excited for September.  I love Autumn weather.  This month there are a few things you can expect to see on HerTopic.com.  For one, I will be purchasing my camera.  I've entered a few contest for free cameras and have given up.  LOL!  I guess that I just have to bring out the funds. (I've … Continue reading What to expect in September!


My Boho look

Hello Lovers and Friends.  Just wanted to share with you one of my favorite looks from this week.  Have you ever walked past the mirror and said "DAMN! I look nice today?"  That was me on Thursday.  I loved this look.  It was so boho comfortable.  I combined fall hues and created a color blocking … Continue reading My Boho look

HerStyle on the Go: With @ConfidentFeline

Name: Brittany Arielle City: Clifton, NJ Twitter: @confidentfeline KrissyJ: One word that describes your daily look? Brittany Arielle: Business Casual KrissyJ: What inspired this look? Brittany Arielle: The K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple Stupid) rule KrissyJ: Where were you headed in this look? Brittany Arielle: Heading to a job interview. KrissyJ: Where did you purchase your … Continue reading HerStyle on the Go: With @ConfidentFeline

$$$ Saving Tips for College Students from Suze Orman:

The other day I was making breakfast.  I made quiche and a melon salad.  I tried making it two weeks ago while visiting my parents.  Now it’s my new favorite summertime breakfast. (Email me for the recipe: ask.kristen@gmail.com) While cooking I came across a Suze Orman broadcast about her new money coaching guide entitled, The … Continue reading $$$ Saving Tips for College Students from Suze Orman: