My Boho look

Hello Lovers and Friends.  Just wanted to share with you one of my favorite looks from this week.  Have you ever walked past the mirror and said "DAMN! I look nice today?"  That was me on Thursday.  I loved this look.  It was so boho comfortable.  I combined fall hues and created a color blocking … Continue reading My Boho look

HerStyle on the Go: With @ConfidentFeline

Name: Brittany Arielle City: Clifton, NJ Twitter: @confidentfeline KrissyJ: One word that describes your daily look? Brittany Arielle: Business Casual KrissyJ: What inspired this look? Brittany Arielle: The K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple Stupid) rule KrissyJ: Where were you headed in this look? Brittany Arielle: Heading to a job interview. KrissyJ: Where did you purchase your … Continue reading HerStyle on the Go: With @ConfidentFeline

$$$ Saving Tips for College Students from Suze Orman:

The other day I was making breakfast.  I made quiche and a melon salad.  I tried making it two weeks ago while visiting my parents.  Now it’s my new favorite summertime breakfast. (Email me for the recipe: While cooking I came across a Suze Orman broadcast about her new money coaching guide entitled, The … Continue reading $$$ Saving Tips for College Students from Suze Orman: