I’m on vacation right now.  Fall semester starts in about a week.  I’ve been sleeping real well for the past few days…Stress free life. #ThankGod!

If you hating because you haven’t slept lately… “I’m sorry.” (Hov Voice)

My beauty rest is well needed.

On this break I have realized that I need to be more like the European.  I need a nap during lunch time or at least and hour of me time daily.  The city should really stop for us divas at noon…

That will never happen in America though…We’d be in even more depth if America took a second long break.

#BOSS!  That is what I’m trying to be.  Currently, I’m working on my look ie. style.  I graduate in December so I want to start dressing the part.  (not that I don’t already)  Clarity; I would like to perfect my style.

Ever wondered where your style came from?  Or if anyone in the past had similar style to you?  Who your fashion inspiration could be compared to?

Right now I am tuned into VH1 Soul.  This channel calms me down.  While watching videos I came across the singer Phyllis Hyman…I realized I’m a young version of her.  Her style was Diva all the way round…check these images of me and her.  I’m in color she’s in the grayscale.

I’ve never even seen her before…If I have…I don’t remember.

So who was she:

Phyllis Hyman was a prominent jazz and r&b singer.  She was a hit in the 70-80’s.  She was featured in NYC’s Sophisticated Ladies; a Duke Ellington revue.  Her music really came from the soul.  In her late life she endured a divorce and that may have lead to her depression and addiction problems.  She committed suicide in 1995.  During her musical career it was said that she struggled with gaining the respect she knew she deserved for her talent.  People fell in love with her music tremendously after her death..

Current day artist like Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michele can be compared to the voice of Hyman.

Nonetheless, Hyman had a great voice and effortless style.

Moment of silence…………May she R.I.P.

Note to readers: Ladies (or gents), if you’re stressed about life…just take a break.  Talk with a therapist or close friend.  Get involved with your spiritual side…mind…body…soul.
What’s more important?  Money and Depression or Comfortable and Stress free? 
You decide…
In the words of Hyman herself:
You have to persevere…you will get as much out of this business  [life] as you put into it...(check out a song of hers below)

In an upcoming post I will share my style guide for the Fall.

Information about Phyllis Hyman was sought from: answers.com


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