One of my biggest fears is being broke.  I don’t have a desire to be filthy rich but I would like to live comfortably…and if I do have children I want them to be able to have their hearts desires and a college fund.

To block out the negative thoughts of possibly being broke one day I try to remain educated on the ins and out of smart spending.  I love learning how to save money.  I wasn’t always this way but after living on my own in college I learned how to spend smart, use coupons and take advantage of buy one get one free.  No shame in my game….those extra dollars can go towards a future car.

Thankfully my Dad is a King of saving.  Along with my mother I was taught to always save a dollar for a rainy day.  It’s not the easiest thing to do while working minimal jobs in college but I have learned to only purchase things that matter and refrain from buying things that don’t.  Not that I don’t treat myself every now and then.  I AM HUMAN!  The Ferragamo was on sale -__-

Looking stylish to me doesn’t mean being labeled in Gucci or placing clothing on a credit card.  It’s shopping smart.  My first stop in any store is the Clearance rack. (Can I get an amen?)  Why buy something full price when you can wait two weeks and get it for 30% off?

Rapping this up…I can’t wait to be able to quote some of these Biggie lyrics one day……. and actually mean it.


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