Good Morning Lovers and Friends. 

This past weekend I got to catch up with my niece.  I went to her graduation party on Saturday and for the rest of the weekend we danced, created our own runway shows, dressed up her dolls,  played video games….  You get the point (lol).  We had a great time.  I am the coolest aunt in the world…Forget it if you thought you were. : )

She is five years old and beat me in Wii games…(Don’t laugh at me)  I suck at video games…never been my thing.  Kids are so considerate.  While totally beating me at tennis on the Wii she said “Aunty Krissy, just think you can do it and you can.”  Her words stuck out to me more than motivation towards trying to do better in the tennis games.

When we were kids, if we thought we could do something regardless of the consequences we did it, without hesitation.  Even if it meant your Mom was gonna reprimand you for it.

I need that drive back… Motivation to take risk.  I was reading through one of my old postings via  I became inspired by my own words.  Sometimes all you have to do to revamp yourself is tread down memory lane…

Check out my old entry…

Looking through my window 4.10.2010

First off, I must apologize to my readers and those that have wrote me to get their talents featured on I truly appreciate you all. ” I need your attention, direction, can somebody clap for me?” You all motivate me. Thank you for the emails sent to, I will return all emails very soon and get all interviews featured on here in a New York minute : )

Honestly, I needed space.

I needed to write down all the things I want in life. I needed to learn about my likes and dislikes…I needed to focus in school (ends in 3 weeks; thank God!) Now, I am ready to take on whatever comes my way. I am currently enrolled in a course called Interpersonal Communications. If you have it at your university APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! Needless to say, I have learned a lot about myself, a lot about how others view me, and how constructive criticism will ultimately make me the strong entrepreneur I want to become

I have been getting great feedback on my writing. I understand that being able to tag words from the dictionary together is a gift; a talent, and I can make a career out of this. Ultimately, I began blogging for the fun of it. Then I began interviewing people with creative talents. Rappers, singers, designers, models, stylist…they are all on here.

But, I noticed one thing about myself, I did not know what I wanted out of life. I know I love fashion, music, and I like writing and somehow wanted to tie it together, but; I still was not happy. Soo…what am I trying to say??

I am going to be a senior next year in college, my major is communications-culture and media and I am minoring in Womens  Studies [now my minor is leadership studies]. My talent is empowering women (and men) to be the true talent they are, motivating them, interviewing them along the way, and building a network of strong and talented connects. My ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur by starting a non-profit organization, and I also would like to start a talent agency for people with a strong desire to showcase their God-given talents.

I really would like to work with fashion with a cause companies like TOMS shoes as well.  I plan on wetting my hands in several other avenues that is why I have been making good use of internships. [Since then I got my non-profit internship🙂 and started this website for empowerment tips! ]

I want people to remember me so that when it’s my time to shine I will get the support I need.  I have the drive to get men like Bill Gates on my team; I just gotta work on me first. My confidence, my outlook, and my business proposals all need tweaking. Oh, the name “Krissy Johnson” is going to ring bells. You ain’t know?

Everything I italicized motivated me.  Everything I made red has placed a certain level of drive back into my heart.  I’m currently entering my final semester of undergrad studies and I have seen some progress from the time I posted this over a year ago on April 10, 2010.

Baby steps…

I see the slow but sure progress I am making on my road to success.  I’m excited!

My advice to you: Journal…Write things down.  See how much you can do in a few weeks…months…or a year.  Let’s make it happen!

Ciao Bellas,


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