If you plan on picking up a magazine go ahead and get the September issue of Essence magazine.  I love it because Tracee Ellis Ross is gracing the cover.  She is absolutely stunning and everyone that knows me well knows she is my favorite natural hair diva.  I have been natural for two years just give me two more years I know I’ll be where she is at with that hair! lol!

Also, one of my favorite divas Bevy Smith is featured in the month.  Click here to learn more about her.  If you’re doing the damn thing you will or have had “Dinner with Bevy.”  She host intimate parties for celebs.  She talks about how she embraces her curves in this issue.   You should also follow her on twitter @BevySmith. (She tweets back)

Lastly, they have a great article about interracial dating but my favorite article in this issue discussed the lack of minority women working in boardroom positions.  Marshawn Evans shares her success story as well as tips to owning your career.

Got the issue?  What did you love about the September issue?

Ciao Bellas,


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