I don’t know why my friends hit me up for relationship advice.  I have yet to meet that “knight and shining armor.”  Thank you Disney for that glass slipper ish and all you other fictional Romeos.  Thanks for making women all over think it was just that easy.  You know what, not thank you; screw you!  (I’m joking..seriously it is just sarcasm)

A lot of my friends, myself included believe that we are entitled to meeting “the one.”  Well, what makes us females “the one?” I’m not trying to down myself nor my friends… (love y’all)  I’m just saying…what makes you think you are ready for a serious relationship?   Then I have friends that just don’t know what they want. (the calls that make my battery die)

I mean, my friends call me for hours talking about their problems with guys even though I never say much more than “Oh”, “Wow”, “Really”, “Dang”, and “Oh Man.”   I guess I have become a proficient listener over the years.

Truth is, there is much I have to learn myself.  This past *Fall semester I became really enthused in learning about that four letter scary word called L_VE.  The one with the vowel  “O”  as the second letter.

It’s really amazing reading the different perspectives of both men and women on the topic of love and relationships.  I took a course called Love and Communication and met some great women.  We bonded.  Only one guy remained in the class and he got some cool pointers and bashing 😦 but I bet he will make a great boyfriend after dealing with that.  It was a deeply emotional course; some of the ladies even cried discussing their “love diaries.”

I haven’t had much time to continue learning and reading self-help and relationship books but this semester is my final semester as an undergrad and I have a pretty smooth schedule with spare time to read.  So this time when my friends call me for logical relationship advice (I ain’t cussing out Tyrone for ya ladies) I will have more to respond with than just a 3 letter “wow.”

One thing I don’t want to do is become hooked on the ideas of others.  I refuse to be the “well if it happened to you, it will happen to me” thinker or influence that idea upon others.  Rather, I am trying to become more informed and aware.  Some things might help…some things, ehh, not so much.

Right now I’m breaking off the “getting to know you” scene, focusing on my grind, and reading “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!”  It’s authored by Tionna Tee Smalls.  She is the relationship expert that has been trying to assist Chilli in finding a suitable “guy friend.”  (Chilli; R&B singer from  TLC [“don’t go chasing water falls, listen to the rhythm…” had to throw those lyrics out there : )], current reality star of What Chilli Wants)

This should be a fun and quick read.  Have you read it yet?  Share your thoughts about it below.

BTW…gentlemen if you hit me up recently…and I haven’t responded…Honey I am just “getting my mind right…” hope you are too.

On the real though I have fallen in love with this song and wouldn’t mind singing it with someone one day…and we both mean it.

Until then…

Ciao Bellas,


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