The title of this post is not in correlation to my favorite purple pumps.  Gotcha!  Rather this post is about a hot spot in Fort Worth, Texas that has a smooth little two for one deal.

You can fill up your gas tank and not break the bank while treating yourself to a great meal.

Does this guy look familiar to you? ———–>

Well, like Chef Guy Fieri I love trying new foods in new places.  I’m currently on vacation in Texas right now visiting family and they told me that they have to take me to this slamming restaurant.  We made plans to go after church on my first Sunday in town.  They mentioned gas station but I didn’t pay attention to that little detail.

So I’m thinking after church we were going to hit up a café that is next to a gas station…I thought wrong.

The restaurant was inside the gas station market.  Imagine going into your local 711 store.  On one side are the regular snacks and beverages and on the other side a café.  Major #W.T.H. moment…I know, it was for me too.

Needless to say, the food was BANGING.  My brother-in-law and I had top of the line chicken and waffles.  I’ve been living in the south for five years now.  It was my first time eating chicken and waffles…I am now to that meal!  My sister had their oxtails which happens to be one of their special signature dishes.  Unlike the Jamaican oxtails that I’m used to Chef Point oxtail is based in a red sauce.  I tried some of it.  It was different but really good.

My niece had chicken tenders and fries from the kids menu (a cover up for dinosaur portioned pieces of chicken).  I have never been to a restaurant that served chicken tenders of that size.  It tasted amazing as well.

Oh and their signature bread pudding…we got that to go!  It was ahhhh-mazing!

Would I go back?  Hell Yeah!!!  I’ve got to hand it to Chef Point Cafe.  I have never thought about going to a gas station restaurant nor would I ever in a million years have the urgency to go to a gas station.  I want to go back before my vacation is up to try their duck.

My parents are due for a trip to Texas this Fall.  I’ve made them a little bit more excited to hop on the flight over.  And, if they are willing to drive down they can always refill the tank before heading back to Florida…They can’t wait to check out  Chef Point Cafe.

Chicken and Waffles


Chicken Tenders

Check out Chef Fieri as he gets an inside scoop to Chef Point Café.

Check out the website

Chef Point Cafe

5901 Watauga Road
Watauga, TX 76148


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