When is the last time you looked in the mirror?

Thankfully, most of us are blessed enough to have a home or comfortable place to live with a bathroom that is furnished with a mirror over the sink.  I’m going to assume handling your hygiene is an important part of your morning routine.  If so, your morning might go as follows.  You wake,  brush your teeth, wash your face, and might take a glance at the reflection of yourself in the mirror.  But, when is the last time you looked in the mirror and stared.  Stared at what you have become?

I find the human body so fascinating.  I’ve been watching my twenty month old nephew grow since birth.  When he was a few months old he had an infant toy that was pretty much a padded mirror.  He would stare in the mirror smiling each time he recognized that he was looking at himself.  He was becoming aware of his reflection.

Or ladies, remember when you were a child and you would play with your mothers make up and kissed yourself in the mirror after putting on your mothers red lipstick?  We swore we’d never get caught but forgot to rub of the smudged lip imprint on the mirror…ok, maybe that was just me…but I used to do that and stare at myself in the mirror while playing dress up for hours.  I’d recite monologues from an imaginary world.  I swore I was a princess back then, and no one could tell me any different.  I was comfortable in my skin.  I loved who I was…and my mother’s make up.

This morning I woke up did my usual routine…you know the wash your face brush your teeth jump in the shower.  Before hopping in the shower I looked in the mirror.  Rewind.  I did not look in the mirror I stared.  I saw what I have become in the 21+ years I have lived.  I realized how long it’s been since I’ve done that.  How long I haven’t looked deeply within myself.  Then I uttered, “I am proud of what I see, I am me.”

It was a crazy experience.  I mean, I always look in the mirror, but this morning I internalized.  I realized that I truly do love who I am.  I realized that growing up and being the shy kid held back what the world could know about me…Who I really am.  I am unique.

I uttered again, “I am happy with who I am and who I will become.”  I was shocked; shocked by hearing my own voiced.  I speak all the time (very little lol) but I can’t remember the last time I HEARD myself.  It was surreal.  I escaped my body and became a spectacle of myself.  I realized that in order to become the empowering individual I hope to become I have to do this more often.  I need to speak and be heard while listening to myself.  I need to reflect and observe what I am doing and whom I will become.  I must be 100% complacent with my molded being, my internal being, and my spiritual being.  I have to be able to shout “I am me” and love telling others that.

The reason I am sharing this diary like entry with readers today is because I truly believe that in order for a person to become really successful and happy you have to be confident and have a high sense of self.

I pose this challenge to you today…

Look in the mirror for one whole minute with no distractions. 

Internalize what you see.  

Tell yourself what you see and say it out loud. 

Tell yourself how much you appreciate what you have become and how unique you are. 

Share your experience with me.

Ciao Bellas,


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