The other day I was making breakfast.  I made quiche and a melon salad.  I tried making it two weeks ago while visiting my parents.  Now it’s my new favorite summertime breakfast. (Email me for the recipe:

1st time making Quiche for my parents

While cooking I came across a Suze Orman broadcast about her new money coaching guide entitled, The Money Class. I think it was on PBS.  Y’all know how much I love learning about money-saving tips.  (Check out my post here called “Gimme the Loot” if you don’t)  Since school is about to be back in session I decided this would be a vital post for my peers and readers. 

A college student asked her for advice on how to make it financially while in school.  Here are some tips I picked up from Suze:

Tip 1: Get a Job – Cut out the excess spending by decreasing your social lifestyle.

  • KrissyJ’s Input:  You don’t have to be in the club Thursday-Sunday.  First of all that is tacky.  Secondly, it’s just TACKY.  If the bouncers at every club in your city knows your name that’s not cute; it is a problem.  You want to be socially popular?  Being “popular” won’t pay back Uncle Sam.  Cut out the money spent weekly on drinks too.  (You’re saving your kidneys with that one)  Look for fun free events around campus.  Look for coupons.

Tip 2: Have pleasure in saving money whether it is as little as $1, $5 or $10. SAVE.

  • KrissyJ’s Input:  Get a piggy bank.  Seriously, just like the one you had growing up.  Save any loose change you might have floating around.  You’d be surprised at how much you can save in a couple of months.  That loose change can go towards your books or that Spring Break vacation.

Tip 3: Student loans NEVER disappear.  Not even if you apply for bankruptcy.  If you think you will be able to get away without paying loans back; think again.  Look forward to banks taking the money out of your paycheck or social security.

  • KrissyJ’s Input: Only take out what you need.  Don’t take out a loan just because it is offered or to “Keep up with the Jones on campus.”  That Prada bag you purchased with your financial aid check is going to cost five times more in the long run.  If you want to purchase brand names that bad…work for it.  Get a part-time job.  Save up that change for it.  Go thrift shopping; you might come into luck.

Tip 4: Don’t just enroll into school for a third, fourth, and fifth degree because you can’t find a job.

  • Krissyj’s Input: As Suze states, if you don’t have a job and think that enrolling back to school will help you escape from paying back your loans…honey, you have the wrong idea.  As stated above, banks will do whatever they can to get that money back.  Going to school will only add more debt to your current debt…and you will be in a bigger hole.  Get a decent job and start paying back that loan (waiter/waitress).  It might not be what you want but, it will pay off in the long run.  In the meantime keep, looking for that career you want on websites like Career Builder.

Lastly; “Be positive about where you are in life.  Stand powerfully.  “The new American Dream is loving who you are,” quote of Suze.  Have a positive attitude about yourself and towards saving.”

Also, be glad you had the opportunity to enroll into a college or university.

Click Here to learn more about Suze on her website

Good luck my friends!


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