In case you didn’t know let me remind you these are some hard times.   However, that doesn’t mean it should ever be hard for a diva to look good.  I went to the dollar store today with my roommate to pick up some stuff for around the house.  Ofcourse I stopped in the beauty section and was wowed.  If your dollar store is as poppin’ as mine you can go there for frozen foods, can foods, decor for the home, stylish dishes for the kitchen and name brand BEAUTY PRODUCTS!

Check out what I picked up today:  (These images are from different websites online sorry for the quality I didn’t take me own)


My friend had on a similiar nail color the other day.  I found it in the Dollar store.


The $1 store tends to have a great selection of NYC products that all work great.

This product smells so good.  I bought it to try along with my other natural hair collection.

I found this Jergens Hand wash and picked one up.

Although its not to big of a size its good enough for me.  I use this as a facial lotion.

So next time you are thinking about picking up some beauty products check out your local dollar store.  You just might be surprised.

What’s your favorite dollar store product?





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