I’m excited for September.  I love Autumn weather.  This month there are a few things you can expect to see on HerTopic.com.  For one, I will be purchasing my camera.  I’ve entered a few contest for free cameras and have given up.  LOL!  I guess that I just have to bring out the funds. (I’ve been saving)  That means better quality images and more of my own styling tips.

Also,  this month along with a team of talented women I will be styling my first official photoshoot.  Look out for both images and a video of that experience.

If you were a fan of my old blog KrissyJohnson you know that one of the best things about the blog were the interviews.  My main focus on the last blog was to reach my audience by showcasing anything fashion, music and entertainment.  I love talent.  I thrive when I am surrounded by people making moves.  Everyone loved those interviews.  I’ve been reaching out to my readers and friends and asking about ways to make the blog reach more people.

Tip: Constructive criticism is the best to becoming better at anything you do.

First thing they said was we miss the “7 with Krissyj (interviews).”  So, I have to bring it back  with a bang.

My goal is to spotlight people doing that damn thang!  HerTopic has already featured Yisel Tejeda of Telemundo.  I’m hoping these interviews will motivate my readers and empower y’all to get started on whatever idea it is you have prancing around.

To my new readers.  Check this link out.  Click Here It’s all the interviews I did on my old blog.  Look out for  “Where are they now” updates with those talents also.

For my next interview I managed to hit up a young #BOSS making moves in the fashion industry with a Hip-Hop king’s family.

I’ll give you a hint…

She styles two sisters running the fashion industry with sweet gear for women.

Figured it out?

Ciao Bellas,


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