Before leaving Texas I hit up an Italian spot called Zio’s Italian Kitchen.  I had a great time with my family and we chatted over great food.  It wasn’t the healthiest meal but it was great food nonetheless.  Thinking about it I think Italian food and healthy in the same sentence is an oxymoron.  Just doesn’t exist.  LOL

Check out pictures of some recommended dishes below.

The Menu

First they start with fresh baked bread that can be dipped in Olive oil and Italian seasoning

For the appetizer we got Italian Nachos – This was the ISH!

With your entree a soup or Salad is served.  This is Tomato Florentine soup. 

My niece had spaghetti

This is the meal my sister had.  It was the healthiest meal on the table that night.

This was my meal. Shrimp with angel hair pasta.  It also had mushrooms and artichoke in it.

My brother in law had a calzone.  

Check out the website to find a location near you-  Zio’s


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