Ten years ago on this date I was in my middle school class.  I went to Middle School142 in the Bronx, one of the most hood middle schools in the BX.  M.S. 142 is also known as John Philip Sousa or just plain old “Sousa.”  I learned to toughen up quick at that school.  Word on the street is it’s either shut down or getting shut down.

My sisters had already left for college and I had to walk home from school on my own or with friends.  Have you ever seen the cartoon BeBe’s Kids? Well, some of the students I grew up with at Sousa was BeBe’s Kids gone wild…the teen edition.  Straight hood…I remember this one kid in my class got arrested for stealing computers out the lab with his friends over the weekend.  A kid getting escorted home in a cop car was the usual.

Look at the wrong person and you got jumped, on spot!

If a kid asked you for a dollar and you didn’t give it to them…you got jumped.

If someone said something mean to you, and you responded, “Yo mama”…you got jumped.

If you were a fat kid…you got jumped.

If you stepped on someone’s new Jordans…you got jumped.

If you wore Jordan’s… you got jumped.

If you were a “teacher’s pet”…you got jumped.

Pretty much…If the sun shined…there was a possibility for any student to get jumped.

We had a great set of deans and teachers though.  I give them so much props for dealing with what went on in our school back then.

During 9/11 I was in my homeroom teacher’s class.  Her name was Ms. Bodden.  Her phone never rang in class and on 9/11 it did.  The first time, she ignored it and the second time, she answered.  All, I remember her saying was “OH MY GOODNESS!”  She was in a complete state of shock.  We thought something happened to her son because she always spoke about him in class.

After she hung up the phone several students were being called to the front office.  I was one of them.

I saw my mom in the front office and I thought I was in trouble for something.  I remember my mom saying in patios “come yah me pickney (come on my child) let’s go.”  I continuously asked my mom why I had to leave school but she wouldn’t answer.  She just sung gospel songs all the way home.  Can you could image the ass whooping I thought I was going to get?  I mean she was singing songs like Amazing Grace.  I swore my life was ending.

When I got home my parents explained to me that the United States was under attack and two big buildings in Manhattan were hit by some bad guys.  Then they turned on the t.v. and showed me the news.  My first question was “Can we move to Jamaica?”  LOL!  I was ready to pack my bags and go!

I think that night my mom and I went to a prayer service to pray for those that died.

Long story short; 9/11 was one of the most tragic days I have ever experienced.  I worried a lot back then and all I could think of was bad things to come.  Yet, my parent’s faith comforted me.

Today, I commemorate all those that lost loved ones ten years ago.  My prayers go out to those that experienced being in the city that day and those that helped the survivors as well.

Even, though I don’t reside in NYC anymore, NY is and will always be my home.  Everyone loves New York City!  Simply put, we are the best (bad kids and all) lol!

“I want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep”– Frank Sinatra

Where were you on 9/11? (Share comments)

Ciao Bellas,


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