Ok, seriously?

I just saw a commercial advertising this product.   It’s called Be Happy juice.  Supposedly, it is an all natural shot of stuff that helps elevate your mood from stressed to happy.


Scientist have found a remedy for every dag on thing in the world.  Where is the cure for cancer?

I think this is the CORNIEST product I have ever seen on the face of the planet.

I got a recipe for happy juice.  Just get a bottle of Bacardi, a bottle of fruit punch, a bucket of ice and some fruits.  Mix it all together…Invite your friends over…I guarantee you will have a “happy” time!  Now run and tell that!  LOL

All jokes aside; in no way is this post meant to advocate alcohol as a stress reliever (it taste great but it’s all meant for sarcasm).  I just think people should reconsider purchasing products like these.  Personally, I think the key to happiness is all about stress and environmental management.  Surround yourself with positive people and your life will be positive.  Surround yourself with negative people and your life will be negative.  Stress most often falls into time management.  Eliminate the stressful things out of your life by managing your time or getting rid of the people you need to.

Think about this question: How long is your “Me time” in the day?  The Europeans do it…you can too.

Drugs or alcohol in the end will not make a person happy.  What happens after the effects of “Be Happy,” alcohol, or any sort of drug disappears.

I mean if people are taking this happy sh!t…I’m sorry, correction, shot…more power to ya…but, I’m not getting sucked into this one. SOWIE HOMIE!

And by the way…I seriously thought this commercial was an ad for exstacy.  WTH!






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