I refuse to place all young adult Central Florida guys into a box.  However…I am seriously beginning to doubt that there are “good men” (my definition) here… Personally, I have had no luck with the guys out here.  It’s either “let’s have sex”…or “umm… can we have sex”, or “oh yeah… so are you ready to have sex?”  I guess, it’s the “it thing” in the college environment and if a female is willing to; hey why not?

I see a plethora of guys on campus and what not but most of um just wave or give a heads up thing; which I hate.  Ok, if you would like to have a conversation with me….come over and say “hello.”  I’ve been told that I look “stuck-up” or as though I don’t want to be bothered on campus.  Chances are Option B, is 95% true.  I’m on grind mode at school.  Yet, I wouldn’t mind being approached by a well mannered guy.

My friend “Sasha” has been telling me about the online dating world for some time now.  She claimed most men are simply just afraid to approach women.  So online, it’s less stress, less intimidating and pretty convenient.

Googled Image

Bored with my dating life I decided to give it a try.  I didn’t join it to find a relationship per say, but more for experimenting with this online world culture and “hanging out.”

Nowadays, there are match making websites for all kinds of people.  If you want to date an overweight male or woman, a vertically impaired individual, a sugar daddy or mama; chances are there is a network for you out there.  I joined a network, that I refuse to give the name of (email me for details).  Less than an hour of creating a page and uploading a REAL! picture five men messaged me ranging from the ages of 18-51.  Yes, ladies, they are hungry and thirsty…no shame!  The age factor alone gave me reason to delete my account along with a few other motives…

Check out my thought process:

1)      Seriously, my page blatantly says 21 years old.  Why is your 19 year old ass trying to talk to me?  Then the 51 year old?   Come on son, I’m probably the same age as your second born jit.  STOP THE MADNESS!

2)      Sign two, there are some crazy ass people in the world.  You seriously have to be careful on these sites.  I’ll just give you examples of headlines messaged to my inbox:


I immediately took action: BLOCKED , BLOCKED, BLOCKED, and oh yeah…BLOCKED each account!  Seriously, WTH! Do you really think I am going to respond?

Aside from the maniacs, on my first night joining, I did meet two guys that seemed decent enough to give my number too.  Then I thought to myself.  I don’t even know if it’s the real dudes behind the pictures.  The first guy changed his height about three times and the second guy changed his body image from “average” to “athletic” overnight.  I guess he was bussing some serious P90x for a full 24hours? -___-

I always said I’d try everything once.  It’s not the first time joining these sites.  I remember being on blackplanet back in the day when I had no business being on there.  It was all for the fun then.  I thought I was an adult lol.

I know some people that have met their spouses on dating websites and others that simply love the idea of meeting someone online.  As for now, dating online ain’t for me.  I’m not that much of a risk taker and no eharmony was found.  I’ll stick to the traditional non-internet dating.  Sorry “BruhMan,” “PleasureP,” and “11inch” “Ms.NYC” has deleted her account!

So what’s your experiences online been?  The good and the bad…I know I ain’t alone…


6 thoughts on “Hell-To-The-NO.com!

  1. Girl this post had me laughing. I tried a site once as well, dude was cool and all. I remember bbm’in him mostly n the convo was str8, so I decided to check out his phone skills cus we all know a 9 year old can make a text sound live. The phone convo got a 8 outa 10 for its dryness, 1 being moist n 10 being dehydrated. So I asked him (since he dominican) who he wud rather, a blk woman or a spanish?. Dude said, without hesitation, my latinnnasssssss. JUST like that, its as if he had a flashback, I just banged it on him n that was it. Lol

    1. LOL!!! no shame in his game! I’m done with it for now. A friend of mines pointed out earlier too you probably have to pay for the real stuff…

  2. This blog post had me ROLLING!! Omg!! I feel so much better about trying online dating…but you def have to watch out for the crazies! After that there are some nice guys on there…just don’t end up in any dark alleys with them. lol

    1. LOL! Thanks for reading! Def just be safe with it. Meet a dude at the mall or some open place away from your home lol. I should do a blog post about meeting a man from online…THE HORROR! Literally! lol. Stay tuned : )

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