Cheers to the Weekend

  My Friday Night ended with a bottle of Rose and strawberries.  Its always a great time with my pretty ladies Diane and Ashley. I put together a simple look for the night.  People loved my hat.  I got it from Express last summer.    Saturday was a rainy day.  Blessed nonetheless, I spent the … Continue reading Cheers to the Weekend


Yellow Paint

I love color.  This Fall bright colors are everywhere.  Normally after a rough night of studies I need a dose of empowerment to wake me up.  I'm not a big fan of coffee.  My "caffeine high" comes from what I put on; my clothing.  I stayed up until 5am one night this week working on … Continue reading Yellow Paint

Inspire Yourself

"Ain't no fan of mediocrity... just ain't my swag... nope not me..."                         -Krissyj Her Tip:  Always strive to be a better you.  Average ain't good enough.  Reflect on the changes you need to make to be stronger,confident, happier, and wiser. Ciao Bellas,

Mimosa Mondays

I woke up feeling great and then my happiness went downhill.  Its crunch time.   The time of the semester that assignments pile up, midterms make you feel as though you are suffering from a quarter life crisis, and you're walking around with chipped up nail polish because you couldn't squeeze in an apointment over the … Continue reading Mimosa Mondays

So the other day while leaving class this chick says "I always look to see what you are wearing.  You always have on a new outfit."  I said thanks...and we parted ways. I wondered if she ever noticed that I wear the same things. I just have a ton of accessories.  Don't get me wrong … Continue reading