I woke up feeling great and then my happiness went downhill.  Its crunch time.   The time of the semester that assignments pile up, midterms make you feel as though you are suffering from a quarter life crisis, and you’re walking around with chipped up nail polish because you couldn’t squeeze in an apointment over the weekend…


I took a break this morning to cheer me up from my misery, showered using Ulta’s Birthday Cake Scented shower gel (my birthday is coming up), and I made a mimosa using orange juice and white wine.

AHHHH!!! (sighs)

Dressing up for the day makes me feel so much better.  Check out what I put together.

I took my simple black maxi dress and a thrifted blazer and put together a lil look.

It started off dull but then I accessorized and


Who you fittna try? 

I look good today : )

Thanks for reading,

Ciao Bellas,


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