I love color

This Fall bright colors are everywhere.  Normally after a rough night of studies I need a dose of empowerment to wake me up.  I’m not a big fan of coffee.  My “caffeine high” comes from what I put on; my clothing.  I stayed up until 5am one night this week working on two midterm papers for class.  After getting a couple of hours of sleep, I decided to get up, get dressed, and bring the sunshine with me throughout the day.  So I put on yellow….and a ton of it.


( My shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I normally get a lot of compliments on it because it has a black zipper in the back.  I wear this top a lot; its one of my favs.  The fedora is brown and black- also from UO.  The necklace I picked up early on this year from the Aldo accessory store.  It’s just one of those pieces that I would still be dreaming about if I didn’t buy it.  The yellow ring my friend Jae got for me from Torrid.  The beaded sandals was a “wth? I didn’t know they sell cute shoes” purchase from Claires.  My yellow watch is from a lil store called MadRag in Kissimmee, FL.  I bought the watch for like $2)

During my break between classes I normally spend my time like this:

While reading BAAZAR mag I came across this:


This image is from BAZAAR


I was pleased to see I’m on trend with the yellow.

So my day was even more pleasant…

I also enjoyed the Libra horoscope for the month

Not sure what cash bonus is on its way but I wouldn’t mind it!

Thanks for reading

Ciao Bellas,


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