Hello my dear friends, readers, fellow bloggers, and fans (lol).  I know, i know… it has been a while since my words have last hit this page.  I’m going through it.  Evolving and accepting the fact that I’m about to venture into this place called the “real world.” Idk how y’all feel/ felt about your transition into the real world after college but This ISH CRAY!!! (JayZ Voice).

I’m fearful of being broke, unhappy, and unsuccessful.  Last week I had the worst nightmare EVER!!  I was homeless, roaming the streets of NYC (or some other mega city).  That was the worst dream ever!  I woke up panicked and sweating like I ran a 5k.  I started to pray that it NEVER happens.  And I am going to make sure it won’t!!

After that night…It hit me like a brick…I need to get out of this worry-warted  mindset and start working on creating my destiny.

This past weekend I had a heart to heart talk with one of my favorite guy friends Drae (btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Drae) and he said he wants to start creating himself and he found this quote:

“Don’t spend time trying to find yourself; rather, CREATE YOURSELF!”


I thought that was one of the most clever things I heard him share with me.  Don’t get me wrong all of my homeboys are quite intelligent young men but I really liked what he had to say about creating yourself.  Y’all know I love that philosophical intellectualism.

Anywho, to wrap things up in this entry.  I just want anyone who is in the dumps about their future goals or aspirations to know its normal to fret about the future.  However, human power is greater than we might think.  The reason that most people succeed is not due to luck…it’s about determination and persistence.

How about together we work towards building positive mindsets.  Tell me how your success journey is going…the good and the bad…

This song makes me happy when I begin to worry about my future…the dog days will be over soon…I know it because I’m working to make it happen!!

Hope you enjoy the post to come 🙂

Ciao Bellas,

As for the outfit in the featured pic…yes I am a red head now.  The blazer, pant, earrings are thrifted, the large bow from Claires, the shoes Target, the watch is from DOTS (starting to love that store) and the Swagg from within!  #BOSS


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