(So my birthday cake was supposed to be leopard print and this is what I got…not so much what I wanted but I liked the quirkiness of it…instead I got a cake that looks like it has chocolate chip cookies on there)

Since I’ve been gone from the blogging world I’ve celebrated my birthday.  Don’t ask me how old I am because I’m telling everyone I’m 21 for the next 15 years.  Getting older scares me…too much responsibility comes with aging.  So I’m Forever 21.

Anywhoo…  One of my best friends Shanice came from Orlando to visit me as well as one of my close guy friends from Miami.  I had loads of fun with them as well as my friends here in the Bay.  I kept it simple this year for my birthday.  No clubbing, no “bang-ga-rang business (rebel behavior)” as my Jamaican mother would say lol…I just wanted to be around the people I care about the most especially since I’m moving after graduation.  

On my actual birthday I went out for dinner with my family then at night I went to my school’s homecoming fest.  For performances they had the Cool Kids, Chiddy Bang, and Travis Porter.  Shanice and I really only went to see the Cool Kids.  After each performance we got to meet the artist.  Not on a groupie flow though…we always just have luck when we are together with meeting the artist…without a back stage pass.  #SWAGG!!

One of the crew members with the Cool Kids told Shanice and I that LA is calling us!  Maybe it’s time for us to move out there and style the stars!  

Shanice and I

Me and Mikey Rocks of the Cool Kids (Shanice’s Boyfriend) lol

Nadia and Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids

Us and Chiddy Bang

Walking the night away
Ciao Bellas,


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