I guarantee she is flyer than you!  Lol j/k (but she probably really is)  From pairing the best accessories, to changing her hair color, this girl does it well.  Shanice is always on trend.  I’ve known Shanice for some years now and we’ve grown to be best friends.     I love her style because she is such a risk taker and she stays true to who she is with every outfit.  Her looks are always uniquely placed together.  I keep telling her to start her own tumblr page but for now I guess I just have to introduce the blog world to her style!  Remember I said it first…You will be seeing more of her style in the fashion magazines!

As a treat for you all I got her to do a mini interview.  She is this months HerStyle on the Go feature based on this outfit:


KrissyJ: One word that describes your daily look?
Shanice: One word that describe my daily look is RANDOM

KrissyJ: What inspired this look?
Shanice: I.d.k what inspired the look.  I just threw things together.

(Lucas from the OFWGKTA posse)

KrissyJ: Where were you headed in this look?
Shanice:  I was headed to a concert (OFWGKTA in Orlando)

KrissyJ: Where did you purchase your pieces?
Shanice: My top/Dress is from Cotton On.  My shorts are from American Eagle.  My socks are from Target.  The Shoes were purchased from punk.com and my hat is from Charlotte Russe.

(Another dear friend of mine Bad Gyal Aneka, Shanice and I)

KrissyJ: What should every lady have in their closet?
Shanice: They should little black dress, DUH!!! Ladies you know this!

Follow her on Twitter @sNICEgray

Here are some more of my favorite looks from Shanice:

Thanks for reading

Ciao Bellas,

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