The New Year is here and many women are professing to start it off with a brand new attitude. While I believe that this mantra is great, it will only be advantageous to those that truly embrace the concept. What is the reason for beginning fresh with a new you? Is it to cleanse away the old year? Is it re-energize a failing relationship? Or is it simply a statement you make each year?

Many times I hear of women that want a “new them” in the hopes of finding the man of their dreams. Sadly, the same kind of man will continue to follow you because it isn’t the men. There is something that needs to be worked on inside of YOU first.

A new year and a new you provides an opportunity to discover what things we need to work on so that we can be the BEST version of us.

I believe that we all should start the year anew with a renewed spirit and mind to change our lives for the better, but only because we want it. Leave behind all that plagued you in 2011 to transform into the woman you are destined to be. The only person that you should concern yourself with is you.

The more you uplift and empower yourself, the more you will be a shining to star to those around you. By becoming comfortable with all that is fabulous about you, the right man, career, and lifestyle will soon follow. This New Year really can be about creating a new you…Just be sure the “new you” is someone that can be carried over into the years to come.

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