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Deep down inside, every female has the urge to fulfill her call to be a queen. In today’s modern American society, where this has become nearly impossible, it’s hard to even imagine if I’m making something up.  We men have done our women wrong, regardless of race, class, size, etc. Without proper training/teaching, women, and young ladies will become what we see expressed by the popular mass media; OWNED by wealthy (mostly white) American men.

Domestic violence, ludicrous expectations for their physical appearance, food that has been robbed of its organic properties for profit (even though our bodies are 100% made from the Earth by our great Creator)…I digress.  We need to take responsibility and start balancing the yang with the positive, which is ying. I will start this, but I cannot do it alone.

First, I must completely give accountability. I am no expert, I have not been with the finest women in the world.   Nor, have I even reached my full energy output.  But, I have been shown the truth, as it relates to this particular situation (not talking about universal and all the rest, that is an individual task for those so inclined).  It is my responsibility to enlighten you of it.  Exit from the Matrix isn’t very fun, it doesn’t bring glamour…it certainly can’t bring you money. But it does something that even our country (which is in fact the Matrix) can’t do: brings you freedom and peace.

If I sound funny or crazy to you now; stick with me. As we go through this thing called life, everything I say will begin to make more and more sense.

My name is Juggy Fresh; and I approve my this first blog posting of mine.

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