Un-clever post title…*sighs* I know.  Especially when I was not in Dallas LOL  but whenever I go to New York there is one spot I always make room for.


Yup, you got  it!  Dallas BBQ.

Not much to say about this place other than the food is great.  A lot of twenty somethings have mixed feelings about going here because it has become the high school crowd hang out.   Oh well, I still went for a mid-day meal with my girls Brittany and Tati.  You can take a look at the pictures and figure out why it’s a hot spot.  The portion for the price is a great deal.  If you have yet to visit NYC  make sure you visit this resturant for some wings.

And don’t worry, the busy streets will give you ample time to walk it off.  I’d grab one of their Famous Frozen Drinks also.  Trust me, you will be bound for a night of laughter in the city after the frozen drink.

Dallas BBQ

241 W 42nd St, New York, NY


Can you find me? (I’m all bundled up)

Have you ever been to BBQ?  How was your experience?

Special Thanks to @ConfidentFeline (Brittany) for the photos

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