What would I do without music??? Whenever I am having a bad day there are a few songs that I play to turn my drab mood into a happy one.  They always work.  I’m sure they are already on your playlist:

  1. So this song represents my 2012 motto.  Whenever I get sad or upset I play this song to remind me of all that I should be thankful for and how motivated I am to succeed.  Lyrics and all, Flo Rida definitely  surprised me on this track.  I absolutely love this song and LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing the late Etta James’ voice on the track!
  2. I really don’t know what it is about Florence and the Machines but every time I hear their music I feel as though I can run free through the forest.  LOL!  I have no idea what it feels like to take a dose of ecstasy, nor do I recommend it, but playing this song makes my room feel as though a burst of ecstasy is ringing through my speakers…everything just seems unreal…in a good way. I feel free from all negativity after playing their music.  
  3. There’s nothing much to say about this song aside from I LOVE IT!  It def does provide an electric feel
  4. Simply put this song reminds me of how fly I am…a little self motivation never hurts! #POW!  It also reminds me of all the fun times I had as an undergrad with my pretty lady crew!   
  5. So a little background about this song choice.  I interviewed this band back when I blogged on KrissyJ.  Weapons of Audio, a unique duo of brothers Floyd and Jeremy have some cool tracks.  I absolutely love this jam right here. To check out more of their music check out: WOA 

I’d like to add some more “happy jams” to my playlist.  What songs help cheer you up?

Ciao Bellas,


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