In case you were wondering why some post on HerTopic are ending with different names other than my own, it is because I have a great new team of contributing bloggers.  Each blogger will bring their own twist to the site and collectively our voices provide post I am sure you’ll enjoy!

So, I wanted to formally introduce you to each of the bloggers:


A young and sassy mother of two who believes black girls rock.  She will provide relationship advice and celebrity headlines.

Jonathan aka JuggyFresh

Close associates know him as Juggy.  He is a senior at USF in Tampa, FL.  His goal on the blog is to express his love for helping others. He also does through his radio program here in Florida.  Juggy will provide both  relationship advice from male perspective and music/media coverage.

LaKayla aka Kaylah easily found on twitter @LBSTEEZE 

This 20 year old Tampa native is a lavish lover of anything fashion and music.  She is a public relations major and will provide post about her lavish findings both locally and online.

Together trust that we will be bringing Florida sunshine your way!

As always…Thanks for reading!

(by the way, I am always looking for new voices.  If you have something you want to talk about hit me up!  You may see your work on this site.  Email your entry to


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