Growing up I had a major crush on this man…No seriously, I was in LOVE with Bob Marley!  Unware that he passed 8 years before my birth it was a quest to find him on my family vacations to Jamaica.  The quest for my destiny to marry this man quickly died when I learned from my siblings that Bob Marley was a legend…and no longer living.  (LOL)

Growing up in a Jamaican household, and with a father that absolutely loves reggae music, its no surprise that I learned lyrics to most Bob Marley songs at an early age.  This post is short but I just wanted to pay respect to this reggae idol on what would have been his 67th birthday if he were alive today.  The legend still lives on and these are some of my favorite Marley songs. …Random: But I think I might name my first child after this man…

and I love this song too:

What’s your favorite Marley song?



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