Remember the annoying JCPenny commercial with women screaming at the abundance of coupons pouring from their mailbox?  It took me a while to understand the commericial but once I got it, the concept of  the commercial made perfect sense and I actually went to shop at JCP.

Rather than having coupons to get consumers to make purchases the company did something even better.  JCP now has price drop rotations. If you shop at JCP, now you’ll notice sections of the store with large squares dropped from the ceiling.  These squares are meant to “frame” the featured sale items.

Aside from the framed sale items JCP also has racks with items as low at $6.  They have made the store pocket friendly for all fashion lovers.  I saw so many cute things at affordable prices.  I recommend all of my fashionista gyals and guys to shop there.  I absolutely love the Ronson line and MNG by Mango.  I went HAM!  I’ll have outfit post up soon.

These are some of my favorite items that I will be on the look out for:

Go treat yourself,


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