My fav perfomance 🙂

Last night I tuned into the Grammy’s with my Dad. Needless to say, my father had me cracking up all night. So I decided to update my twitter with quotes from my Dad for the night. Along with my twitter family we literally LOL with my father’s reviews of the fashion and performances.

So now it’s my turn…and I will keep it short. First off, I am absolutely ecstatic for Adele. She won all six of her nominations! As a major Adele fan it was like a “FINALLY!” moment. She won a fan with her performance as well. I have to play the albums for my Pops.

Chris Brown looked scrumptious as always, but his first performance was rather *yawns*…nothing out of the ordinary. As far as Rihrih, idk, if it was just me, but in the beginning of Rihanna’s performance she sounded both nervous and out of breath. She took it home though with the old school Jamaican dances.

Nicki Minaj made me do the “Nicki face” at the screen the whole night. From outfit to performance, I was just thinking, “this poor child needs to repent.” I give her a kudos on the outfit though; she def would win an award for most memorable outfit at the 2012 Grammys.

These were my favorite dresses of the night though:

I absolutely loved this look head to toe Corinne Bailey Rae looked amazing.

So I know I may get some weird looks for admiring Fergie’s dress but I absolutely love both lace and the color orange. I do think the dress would be more admirable with some sort of material underneath the lace.

Taylor Swift’s dress topped it for me. Not only because I would love to have this dress, she just looked very elegant…It’s sexy but not too sexy.

What was your favorite look or performance?




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