Today is the special Valentine’s Day Edition for my segment, so I’ll try to keep this one short and deep, like an “Olympic sized” pool in the ghetto.  Krissy J, has allowed me to contribute to you fine, lovely young ladies of the world, and I’m here to offer thoughts on relationships.

After family and money and your career, it’s the most important thing that happens in your life. You want to know why?  Because when you find the ONE he will take off his 2 weeks paid vacation for YOU because he loves you.  The guy will leave his family—even if they don’t approve – so he can be with YOU.  He might even change his career just to cater to your needs.

Now,  Juggy Fresh (da best) himself,  has been waiting patiently for a long time and I’m talking to a young lady who has the makings of a true African Queen.  There are an unending amount of variables and problems that can arise when it comes to a heterosexual relationship.  (I respect my alternative lifestyle family too; just so you know).

If the journey was all peaches and cream, there would be no point in participating; it’d be no point. Women tend to be complex and a lot of times, they don’t know exactly what they want; especially in men. THAT’S OK!!!

What I know is that a dude will, if he feels you have the potential to be his #1, make time for you, make you smile and connect with you on a deeper level as time goes on.  He will respect your mind, body and soul, simultaneously if he feels you are worth it…don’t get me wrong, a guy will have other visual attraction moments too.  (i.e. Your tits are extra perky today, something like that).  Ladies, just know that you won’t agree on everything, and you shouldn’t on a variety of topics. Arguments will happen from time to time. In my opinion; a guy will not physically or mentally abuse, raise his voice, and won’t interrupt a girl, (excuse me, young lady) that he TRULY feels has the first round draft pick quality.

After all, she is the woman who could one day be his wife…the woman who would be gracious enough to have his kids…the one who could put up with him in the worst of times, and celebrate in the best.  If a man can do these things; he has potential. Remember that it takes two to tango, ya heard me.  Things don’t always work out; but open honest communication usually gets the job done.

If you want to exit the matrix, having someone who will make YOU his queen is very helpful. Valentine’s Day is just a testament to all the brothers and dudes out there who know how to do it right, and want all the other guys to catch on to TRUE GAME.

Ladies remain thoughtful, smile, and show the man that you care.  TAKE THINGS SLOWLY on a daily basis and set realistic goals…things will come together nicely.
Just for THE LADIES tonight on my radio show, I will be having a relationship show from a FEMALE perspective. The show starts at 6 and lasts for an hour.
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