I know it’s almost 3am, but if only I were in New York I would head to Crumbs tomorrow morning!  They have the best cupcakes.  On my last trip up to NY I headed down to The Village to do some thrifting.  I stopped into Crumbs and purchased their New Years Edition.  It was soOOo pretty I didn’t even want to eat it, but after spending about $5 on a cupcake I sure did nibble every crumb…and it was worth it!

The New Years Edition was a vanilla cupcake, with vanilla frosting, and a milk chocolate center.  They have so much variety I didn’t know which one  to choose, but I have a thing for anything gold or shimmery!  LOL

I just learned that I can order their cupcakes online!  Hmm, guess I will be treating myself to a post-Valentine Day treat!

If you haven’t purchased a Crumbs cupcake yet you don’t know what you’re missing.  Check out the website!


(There are many locations in NY, NJ, DC, CT, IL and LA)

I went here:

37 East 8th St (University/Broadway)


Ciao Bellas,


One thought on “Nibble every Crumb!

  1. What a gorgeous cupcake! I popped into Sprinkles when I was in DC this past weekend. So yummy…Although, I’m bummed that the Baked & Wired line was too long!

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