Embarrassed, I’ll admit that sometimes I fail to read up on world news.  However, I’m learning that if I hope to “be the change I wish to see” it’s kinda vital that I do more than just watch CNN for twenty minutes a day.  So…yesterday I made it my duty to read at least three articles about anything outside of what’s going on in the United States.  

I came across this article called Young, urban and culturally savvy, meet the Afropolitans by Mark Tutton on CNN.com.  It was a really informative read that introduced social activist that are passionate about creating change in their environment.  From the name of the group “Afropolitans” some people have the idea that in order to join forces with this movement, an individual should be an African native.  However, being an Afropolitan simply means “having a commitment to making the continent a better place” (Tutton).

I truly support the efforts that this social movement is taking to enlighten people about social change– for both Africa and worldwide.  Some people think that being a “social change agent” means donating monetarily or devoting 20 hours in a day to create a change.  While some people can afford to do both or either form of giving, I think social change can be done several ways.  I support the creative forms of social change.  For example, this article also introduced the artist Andy Allo, who takes a musical and poetic approach to informing others about social change. 

I absolutely love her voice!  I recommend that my readers check out her YouTube page “AndyAllo.”

Being a major Bob Marley fan I think she did a fantabulous job at her rendition of Waiting in Vain.  Check out the video:

HerTopic TIP:If you haven’t started working on a cause this year try to find a change that you hope to see and look up ways to get involved in your community.  Help feed the homeless, volunteer at a nursing home, make cards for veterans, spring clean and donate your nice pieces to a children’s shelter…the options for giving are endless…If you already started…What changes are you working on?  

Hey, after all, Earth can only get better if we dedicate time to her.  

Ciao Bellas,

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