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By Lauryn Huggins, HerTopic

The untimely passing of Whitney Houston was truly devastating. The impact that she had on the music world was nothing short of phenomenal and I really wish people would let her be. Her award count alone speaks volumes of the talent and respect she earned throughout her career: 30 Billboard Music awards, 6 Grammys, 16 NAACP Image awards, and the list goes on and on. Whitney’s voice cannot and will not ever be duplicated because she sang with a love and passion that couldn’t be taught. Although many tried to emulate her, they could never really capture the true essence and magic behind “the voice.”

As the world watched, stunned by the news that Whitney had passed, all of her triumphs were quickly disregarded to only be replaced by disrespect. Radio shows were calling her a “crack whore,” and Facebookers were suggesting that the news shouldn’t cover a “washed up drug addict.” As I saw these things unfold, I became disgusted with everyone that was willing to throw stones at someone they really didn’t even know. Regardless of what drug she used, or how long she used them, or even if she was an addict, it doesn’t change the simple fact that she has passed and people should at least be respectful while her family mourns. She was someone’s mother, daughter, cousin, friend, and I find it distasteful for people to attempt to ruin her name because she was human.
Nothing that Whitney did was unheard of aside from her angelic voice. She partied like all of us. She drank like all of us. She married a bad boy like many women, and she used drugs like a huge percentage of people in this world. Why is it that we have to cast so much judgement on her when she was only being human? Why is it that her family has to defend her legacy to the media, instead of mourning their loss? The passing of Whitney Houston was a sad day for me, but also a learning lesson. I learned that people are cruel and say things without ever thinking about the impact of their words. If the things that were said about Whitney were said about YOUR mother, sister, cousin, would it be okay? Please let Whitney rest in peace and remember her for all the great things she accomplished in her life, because we should celebrate her triumphs and not highlight her trials. She shared herself with the entire world and gave us all anthems that we sang to at some point. Whitney will truly be missed and I pray for her family and friends during this tough time.

3 thoughts on “Let Whitney Rest in Peace!

  1. I totally agree with you. Whitney Houston “was” human, yet like the ominous elite, celebrity culture has embedded itself into an almost surrealist section of our brains, whereby We feel celebrated individuals do not eat the foods We eat…or cut air after a healthy scoop of grandma’s casserole. At the end of the day, We are all human. Whitney was…..human.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this post! Although there are others who died who should have been publicized, she deserves no critisicm for her shortcomings. For the record, I loved her song with Mariah Carey on the “Prince of Egypt” Soundtrack….. beautiful. Few black women would b in the musik world without her…

  3. It pains my heart as well, just to see how mean some of us as human beings can get. Whitney was, like anyone else, ONLY HUMAN. None of us is perfect. She made her mistakes and the best we can do is learn by them. She played her part well in leaving us a legacy that none other can ever replace. She was my pop star and nothing can change that. RIP Whitney, I will always love you<3

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