This year I am taking the initiative to “go green.”  I’ve begun recycling, making use of natural sunlight until the evening, turning the faucet off instead of letting the water run when washing dishes and all that good stuff.  

In terms of my health I have begun to be more “green” through eating greens.  I was that kid that would pass the celery to my dog outside.  I hated everything about vegetables.  However, lately I have decided that now might be a great time to take care of my well being from the inside out.  Aside from daily meditation, I try to eat a salad a day for either lunch or dinner.  I also began to take daily doses of a natural energy shake.  I make it by blending up veggies and a few fruits.  I take about 4oz of the veggie blend a day. 

Here’s the Ingredients: 


1-bunch of Kale

2- stalks of celery

1/2 of a large cucumber 

A piece of natural ginger (however much you can handle)

8oz of natural pineapple juice 

The vegetable Kale (the pretty leafy stuff in the first picture) is something totally new to me.  It’s considered a super food.  I started watching a lot of YouTube videos and learned through some vloggers that Kale is a great natural fat burning resource.  It is also a cancer preventative; helps prevent heart disease and osteoporosis.  It’s also very high in vitamin A which means it is great for vision and clear skin.    Kale can be made a ton of ways and there are several recipes online.  To me it taste like collard greens.

So, what ways are you getting more in tune with your health this year?  Share your “go green” routines with me!

Ciao Bellas,


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