By Krissy J.,

Ladies, I have a treat for you!  Summer is coming up and I know we are all trying to look good on the beach.  If you are like me and can’t afford a gym membership right now I found an awesome solution.  It’s called YouTube.  No, seriously, there are a plethora of workout videos on YouTube for FREE!  Can you beat that?

There are walking videos, weight training, I even found an hour long Billy Blanks Tae Bo video.  Ladies, I was done after half of it.  LOL! A sista is trying…ok.  But my favorite free workout video online is from the trainer Tiffany Rothe.  If you don’t like working out her perfect figure will make you want to work out.  She looks absolutely amazing and while some of her videos look easy, trust me when I say, YOU WILL FEEL IT THE NEXT MORNING.  She has a Facebook page HERE with workout plans for her videos as well.  Check it out.  I added two of my favorites below:

Hope you enjoy the workouts.  Good Luck Dolls!



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