By Lauryn Huggins,
CORRINE (Image from

Something great is happening within the African American community, and it is happening specifically to African American women. Thanks to websites like and, the transformation of beauty in the African American community has suddenly changed. Long gone are the days where we would sit in hair salons for seven hours getting our hair fried, dyed, and laid to the side!  African American women are embracing their natural hair textures and loving it.

There was a time when having natural, chemical free hair was a huge taboo for African American women. This is a culture where straight hair is the norm and most people succumb to the peer pressure to relax their hair. Go into any African American hair salon and see the mobs of women waiting to have their hair straightened each Saturday. Heck, every women in my family, including myself, was a slave to the creamy crack that would give us sleek, straight hair for six to eight weeks! But I have since seen the light and I am happy to say that I have been natural for almost three years. 
Deciding to go natural originally was an attempt to gain my wavy tresses back but I soon found out that it was more than that. After researching online ways to transition my hair, I stumbled upon and I fell in love!  Anything that I could have ever had a question about was on this website. It became my go-to resource for everything natural and I quickly saw that the natural hair revolution was taking over the African American community by storm! Not only did I stumble upon a great guide for being newly natural, but I found women of all ages coming together to help each other stay healthy, happy, and natural.
Going natural gave me an all access pass to a secret group of women that is truly inspiring. Women are helping to uplift and motivate other women and it is a beautiful thing. Seeing women post pictures and videos of themselves with short hair, long hair, kinky hair, curly hair was one of the most life changing experiences of my life. I have embraced my natural hair and now I have the pleasure of teaching this love to my daughters. I am excited that young girls will grow up in a society where it is okay to love your hair for however the good Lord decided to make it.
So I ask, have you joined the natural bandwagon?
Take a look at these Florida Sunshines in their natural manes
The Gorgeous Elsie
The Fabulous Vanessa
The Beautiful Tyronza in a great protective style option Senegalese twist

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