By KrissyJ.,

So I started a new Sunday ritual…baking!  I absolutely love it.  Honestly I have always loved baking but now I have the time to actually get some practice in.  Prior to having free time on my hands I’d use the generic cake mixes.  While they are yummy, they are also packed with loads of SUGAR!

So I have begun to bake from scratch.  This way I know all of the ingredients that goes into the cake.  This past Sunday I took the recipe from a Moroccan Style Lemon Cakeadded some Wray and Nephew white rum…. and turned it into a “Yardie Style Lemon Cake” lol.

I found the recipe online yet I added my own flair to it.  I put half the sugar from this recipe and added a dash of natural spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.  I also used half the eggs and used some sour cream.  I ditched the frosting for the cake too.  Once it was complete it looked like a fluffy cornbread but it tasted amazing!

If you want the exact measurements I used to bake this cake my way shoot me an email.

Random: Speaking of cakes and such… I know Rihanna and Chris Brown did the Cake remix together, but are they going to release a video?  Just sayin, I’d love to see the intensity in that video…lol *shruggs*

Happy Baking!



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