By Krissy J.,

I grab inspiration from everywhere, whether it’s a quote from a song, speech, book, or conversation.  Even though I’m not living in Texas I have made it a habit to watch T.D. Jakes ministry rebroadcast on Sunday’s.  I have yet to meet Jakes in person, but I do consider him a mentor.  He is more than a minister of the gospel, he provides great success tips.  One quote he stated this past week in his sermon entitled, “Choke” was:

“If you don’t read, you can’t lead.”

That quote spoke so much volume to me.  Sometimes we get so caught up in just knowing what is provided through mainstream mediums.  We tend to get caught up researching only what is popular by demand.  My goal is to become a well rounded conversationalist.  By this I mean, I should be able to travel anywhere in the world and know what’s going on.

So, in order to do this (and I may be late) I downloaded the free app called SkyGrid.  My bro-in-law introduced me to this app recently and in my opinion it is the coolest Apple app out there.  SkyGrid gathers news stories from various mediums all around the world, and makes it easily accessible through relevant categorization.  For example, if you are interested in learning about the fashion trends in Italy you can subscribe to Vogue Italia.

I absolutely love SkyGrid and normally browse through while I have my lunch.  If you don’t have the app, go for it.  Download it, it’s FREE!


Update:  If you live in the Bronx, New York T.D. Jakes will be signing his latest book called Let It Go.  I think it would be a great opportunity for those who support him to meet with him live. 

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