By “Juggy” Daniels,

Long time, no hear…Sorry readers. I haven’t been posting consistently like I should and for that I apologize to all of you. Today I have a simple message that simply requires us to take action. It’s called “developing your attitude.” It’s common knowledge to know that stress has the ability to kill you if it is too prevalent in your life.

Now, I can’t tell you how to find peace, but personally I have never been steered wrong by the Bible (nor my Dad who is a strong and practical Christian). One idea that I believe in is if you SPEAK your future into existence, then it WILL happen; if you truly believe it. (i.e. “I WILL pass this test, no matter what”)

Think about it…thinking negatively about a situation, person, job, or whatever it is often only makes things worst. Life is too short to worry about death or stress. We should all make the effort to be happy and help others while we are living.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that we live in the wealthiest country in the world. We have the highest standard of living, and we also have far more freedoms than most other countries in the world. We should be consider ourselves extremely grateful and blessed, while remembering that no one’s life is perfect despite how much Hollywood tries to be…or individuals like my personal favorite Bryan Williams Jr. aka Birdman.

Having said that, I think we have a responsibility to act in kindness towards others at all times. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES WHAT-SO-EVER! EVERYONE has issues to deal with… and remember there is ALWAYS someone else out there who is doing worse.

Having the right outlook on things consistently can make a huge impact. My continuous message simply poses the idea that we must strive to destroy this “Matrix” people live in. Think about it, I believe a dominant culture is largely responsible for individuals such as the current Trayvon Martin incident. Likewise, giving people chances and being as unbiased as possible ultimately saves lives. I’m counting on you guys and girls out there to make positivity become a part of your lifestyle. Let’s work together to destroy this system that is trying to destroy our future.

To wrap things up, here are a few ideas as to why you should adjust your attitude to positiveness:

  • It could change not only your life but also somebody else’s
  • It helps with being at peace internally
  • It will help the world around you and ultimately the world becomes a better place to live

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