Cafe a la Casa

While living in Tampa if I ever had a business meeting or had time to catch up with friends I'd always meet at a new cafe. Recently I have cut down on my spending. Cutting back means less dining at cafes. I absolutely adore the ambiance of a small hidden cafe. However, just because I … Continue reading Cafe a la Casa

Me Time= Tea Time

By Krissy J., With the start of the new year I began to get more in tune with my health.  While I am by no means a health freak, I did begin to get really enthused about natural products.  By this i mean, if i can go into my garden or local  farmers market … Continue reading Me Time= Tea Time

Summery Skin

  By Krissy J, Two natural products I started to use are shea butter and lemon grass black soap.  I remember as an undergrad my roommates, both African natives had absolutely flawless skin.  Their secret was using raw Shea butter.  Shea butter is said to be good for dry& blemished skin.  It is also … Continue reading Summery Skin