By Krissy J,
Two natural products I started to use are shea butter and lemon grass black soap.  I remember as an undergrad my roommates, both African natives had absolutely flawless skin.  Their secret was using raw Shea butter.  Shea butter is said to be good for dry& blemished skin.  It is also a good product for hair growth.  My mom, also an advocate for Shea testifies to everyone that it is the reason her hair began to grow so healthy this year. I found the lemongrass soap at my local beauty supply store along with the Shea butter.  Together they cost less than $10.



I’m all about trying natural products that will help prevent illness.  Lemon grass is a natural herb that I enjoy drinking the form of tea.  You guys know about my citrus obession and for me the scent is a great form of aroma therapy.  Lemon grass is known for preventing  health risk such as cancer.  I simply just cut a few stalks of lemon grass from my garden, dice it into small pieces and let it sit for a few minutes in hot water…then drink it.





 Lemongrass and Sweet Mint Tea my Mom made last night.  Both grown in her nursery. 


Are there any natural skin care products that you use?  I’d love to know!






4 thoughts on “Summery Skin

  1. I actually make one called “Naturally Good Body Balm” that I actually forgot I had until I got a small rash on the top of both my hands one day and came across it in my stock box. It worked so well I just had to blog about it, even though I made it.

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