Mahalia Jackson Deutsch: Mahalia Jackson, 1962

By Krissy J.,

Described as “the spirit of gospel” by Jennifer Hudson, Mahalia Jackson made a major impact on the world of gospel music.  Her voice influenced greats such as Hudson, Whitney Huston, the Winans and many more.  I can’t help but bawl out tears like a hot sinner in church when I hear Mahalia Jackson’s version of Precious Lord Take My Hand.

This weekend, although I missed the first half of The Celebration of Gospel on BET, I truly enjoyed the the tribute to her.  It was so heart felt. I always love seeing Shirley Ceasar sing. I claim her as my grandmother.  Amber Riley’s opening act for the tribute literally gave me chills.  I actually started shouting old lady church lines at my television like “Sang, girl Sang.” LOL, judge me not

Mahalia Jackson is my Vintage Diva selection of the week.
Tune into her voice below:


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