Yesterday started off as a sucky day. Sometimes it can be tough balancing goals with reality. Right now, I would love to own a cafe, own the title of executive for a fashion/ media brand, and have enough money to travel to exotic islands. The reality of my aspirations is, although these goals are not far fetched and obtainable…it takes hard work and perseverance to get there.

In order to change my drab mood, I created a plan for achievement. I thought of ways that could uplift my spirits and drive. Then I began looking around my room and realized that it doesn’t reflect who I am. As an avid viewer of The Nate Show I’ve learned that simple altercations to a room can uplift a persons spirits. I looked around my room at things that I already had (including my junk from college) and started to make some quick changes to my room.

I hung up an old orange curtain because I remembered how beautiful my room would glow with the peeking rays of sun in the morning. Using a candle holder that I contemplated tossing several times, I organized some of my necklaces and rings. Then I made a visual collage using some pictures of people that inspire me. I used to have these on my wall in my college loft.

My mother purchased me this really cool rug from Ross. It totally fits my personality. The rug is complied pieces of blotch and butchered fabric sew together. It looks like a million bucks but she purchased it for a sweet $25.

Although these changes are simple, they are what makes me happy. My room is starting to say “Hello Krissy J” and I love that!



The words say “With God All Things are Possible”  I purchased the quote peel off at my local Dollar Tree.



Is your space inspiring you? Maybe there are a few changes you can make in your bedroom, around the home, or in your office. Create the changes that will reflect your personality.

Happy Living!
Krissy J


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